The Slow GIF Movement

During autumn 2018 Rhiannon was the Brighton Digital Festival / Blast Theory artist in residence, working on a new project.

The Slow GIF Movement takes the ubiquitous, flashing, momentary imagery of a GIF and reimagines it as slow, durational, peaceful artworks, in order to explore our agency and responsibility over public space, both online and IRL.

I bring mine and others’ lived experience of “thriving in a world geared against our survival” (*) to an understanding of how GIF culture is currently increasing the hostility of online space.

These GIFs are offered as a public health intervention in the online world: the act of making and sharing them becomes an intervention in the environment, an act of solidarity, and a way to disseminate a collection of art works.

Supported by The Space and Unlimited.

(*) sometimes also referred to as “neurodivergence and invisible disability”


The Slow GIF Movement collections

– made using waste products, children’s toys, a smartphone –

Kaleidoscope Landscapes (for better breathing)

Poems Made from Words Found in the Bin (metronome)

Hearts-R-Us (mirror neuron)

Reflections (nature)