Radical Rests

Radical Rests is a photographic series: it began with a photo taken by my cousin when I was incapacitated by my chronic pain condition while on a family outing in Cambridge. Now I usually add a photo to the series each time I perform Public Selfcare System

Radical Rests concerns the rests that I and others with disabling conditions have to take in public space. I like to think of it as a radically accessible version of the viral planking craze.

Dublin, 2017, photo courtesy of Dublin Live Art Festival.
Govan, Glasgow, 2017, photo by Julia Bauer courtesy of Buzzcut.
Darlington, 2016, photo by Rob Irish courtesy of Jabberwocky Market.
Croydon London, 2016, photo by Julia Bauer courtesy of Tempting Failure.
Cambridge, 2013, photo by Roisin Armstrong.