Previous work

Public Selfcare System

Part one-to-one performance, part direct action, part masterclass in the radical act of stopping.

 The International Archive of Things Left Unsaid – Online

An online digital artwork commissioned by Battersea Arts Centre and The Space.

Can I Help You?

Standing in the street offering free help to passers-by.

 Hutong Watch 

a guided walk undertaken simultaneously by two colleagues on different continents using a mobile phone.

 All About Sam. 

An installation and game about what it is that we want to know when we say we want to get to know someone.

How to write love poems from words found in the bin.

A creative writing workshop using shredded business documents as source material.

What is a creative project consultant?

A year-long residency and artistic intervention experiment at a “specialist provider of business services”.

Snapshot Songs

A community music project.

Silent Cacophony

An installation exploring alternative ways of commemorating Remembrance Day.

In Eldersfield Chapter 2: Monument to Charlie Chaplin

An inter-generational performance project and 16mm film with optical soundtrack.

Too Close to the Sun

a theatre work exploring our perceptions of failure through the Icarus myth

Everything You Ever Wanted to Say But Didn’t – Part 1

A one-to-one verbatim performance created with testimonies from the International Archive of Things Left Unsaid.

The International Archive of Things Left Unsaid

 An evolving collection of anonymous testimonies from members of the public.

The Loveliness Principle

Part treasure hunt, part immersive theatre, part installation and part one-to-one performance.