The International Archive of Things Left Unsaid

Established in 2006, The International Archive of Things Left Unsaid tours periodically to enhance its collection as well as to present performances drawn from its material.

Participants are asked to respond to a question regarding a specific time in their life when they wanted to say something but didn’t. “Donations” are taken anonymously in the form of written words.

The Archive is usually presented alongside the one-to-one performance Everything You Ever Wanted to Say But Didn’t – Part 1, and redesigned depending on the context. It is also an online art work at

Places the Archive has been shown include Barbican Gallery, London; W139, Amsterdam; Shunt Vaults, London; The Campsite, Ipswich Pulse Festival; The Virtual Worlds Forum; Soho Revue Bar, London; Shoreditch House, London; Alma Enterprises, London; Propeller Island, London.

The archive has also been presented in a number of community contexts as a catalyst piece to stimulate communication and discussion in particular amongst teenagers and at risk young people, in schools including Crossways Sixth form and East Bergholt High School and for Haringey Advisory Group on Alcohol who commissioned a new version Called VIP Room.

Dates: originally created for Space Station Sixty-Five in London, 2006.

Click here to visit the online version of the piece.

Click here to see some early contributions to the Archive.