“a riot of postmodern museum methodology”  John O’Connell, The Times.

BONE at the Florence Nightingale Museum was created to explore a rich and vital material from an inter-disciplinary perspective.  It was designed to present its contents evenly and accessibly with no one object – be it museum object, artwork, every day item or scientific imagery – prized above another.

Deliberately installed without labels, the exhibition design by Mobile Studio architects and field guide by MOTHandRUST were constructed to provide information as a departure point for the curious rather than as definitive answers, and to encourage audiences to make their own connections and relationships between objects.

A number of “live respondents” who work with bone were in residence throughout the exhibition, adding to the exhibition. They included sculptor George Nuku, taxidermist Amanda’s Autopsies, and artist Sue Palmer.

Press for BONE.

Rhiannon and Simon’s previous show INK.