Can I Help You?

Can I Help You? offers free help to passers-by and the general public: there are no plans and no boundaries. Anything goes, the only requirement is that we figure it out together.

Tool belt contents include chewing gum, pain killers, change for a tenner, scissors, nails, string, The Little Book of Calm, happy music, a fan, suncream, umbrella, safety pins, pens etc.

An article based on experiences presenting this work will be published in 2018 in the Scottish Journal of Performance, written with Mel Evans from Liberate Tate, entitled ‘Care and Reciprocity’.


Hull, 2016, photo by Jerome Whittingham @photomoments courtsey of Heads Up Hull.

Can I Help You? toured English towns as part of the Collaborative Touring Network in autumn 2016, including Wigan, Medway, Darlington, Hull, Gloucester, Thanet, Torbay, and Peterborough.

Darlington, 2016, photo by Rob Irish, courtesy of Jabberwocky Market

This public intervention was originally commissioned by Bonkersfest, for Creative Routes and The South London Gallery. It is presented on an ad-hoc basis wherever and whenever it might be needed.