What is a creative?

What is a creative project consultant? was a year-long residency and artistic intervention experiment at a “specialist provider of business services” whose expertise lies in human motivation.

As stated in the public biography, Rhiannon was at SHM to:

•think about things differently
•bring fresh perspectives to the business’s work
•adapt her creative methodologies to their work

Some of the things that happened as part of this include:

•metaphoric takes on client work, deployed in diagrammatic form
•weekly team sessions defined by a lack of productivity, where the main activity was the use of consensus decision-making techniques to choose how to use the time

The rest of Rhiannon’s work at SHM is subject to non-disclosure agreements that are commonplace at the cutting edge of global capitalism.

Dates: April 2013-2014, Holborn, London.

Click here to see some of the diagrams that were deployed during this time.