Silent Cacophony

Silent Cacophony was an installation created in collaboration with Holborn office workers as part of a London-wide initiative exploring alternative ways of commemorating Remembrance Day.

  • Footsteps installed on the pavement in Bedford Row mirrored the journey taken by a silent Zeppelin airship and its crew on the night of 8th September 1915, when over 40 bombs were dropped on the Bloomsbury area, killing 26 people.
  • The journey was replicated on a scale of 1:125 and reoriented by 90 degrees. Each footstep corresponded to one of the bombs dropped, and the location it was dropped in.
  • Some of the steps were marked with responses, questions and thoughts from local workers to the map and story of this raid.

Audiences were invited to take this journey in silence.

Dates: 11 Nov. 2013, Holborn, London.

This installation was part of a London-wide project of the same name by Platform-7 supported by Arts Council England, The SHM Foundation, and Queen Mary, University of London.