‘Creates a different kind of approach to most online confessional material, emphasising empathy rather than sensationalism.’ Lyn Gardner,
The Guardian.

The International Archive of Things Left Unsaid is an evolving collection of anonymous testimonies donated by members of the public, which began as a one-to-one performance. The web version was commissioned by Battersea Arts Centre and The Space.

‘small moments of defiance that are also celebrations’ Jane Frances Dunlop, Exeunt Magazine.

Each testimony is performed verbatim, and includes binaural beat technology to induce calming brainwaves in the listener. Visitors may browse the Public Index, choose a testimony to listen to, and are then invited to contribute their own. A text-only version is available for those who do not use headphones, and anonymity is guaranteed.

Visit the site at unsaidarchive.com.

Created by Rhiannon Armstrong
Designed by MOTHandRUST
Construct by Rob Grundel and Halo
This is a Battersea Arts Centre production co-commissioned by The Space.


In 2016 Rhiannon created a quilt as a physical interface with the web piece, with help from Significant Seams, a Walthamstow-based CIC working with craft as a means of combatting social isolation.

The quilt is made from everyday fabrics such as curtains, jeans, and suit material, and hand embroidered with extracts from the testimonies in the Archive.

In autumn 2016 the quilt toured as part of the Collaborative Touring Network, as a way of bringing unsaidarchive.com to a diverse range of audiences across the UK. Among other places it was installed in a leisure centre in Darlington, an arts centre in Wigan, a cafe in Gillingham, a shopping centre in Gloucester, and a supermarket in Peterborough.